en-us Don Bosco India SpeakUp in Province : 'Konkan' Classification : 'All' http://www.donboscoindia.com Copyright 2005 All rights reserved Wed, 19 Feb 2020 05:04:23 +0000India Standard Time kjlouis@gmail.com Don Bosco india http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/images/toplogo1.gif http://www.donboscoindia.com/ 255 41 Visit http://www.donboscoindia.com http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=11.0&articleid=90 Why Fuss about FOSS? We talk so much about FOSS today. The Salesian communicators are not exempt from it...atleast with most part of the Salesian world propagating it. BOSCOM has just concluded a National FOSS Conference (14 Dec). But where is it taking us? Is it worth all the FUSS? http://www.donboscoindia.com/english/bis/articles_default_ms.php?proid=11.0&articleid=68 World Youth Day`08, Sydney An inspiring and uplifting experience with the Holy Father and the Youth. Could there be more Salesians involved and present for this mega youth event? How wonderful it would be for our own faith and our Salesian youth work.