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To the original mysteries of the rosary Pope John Paul II added the Mysteries of Light. Marian devotees have adapted almost everything about the rosary to draw meaning for their lives. A bishop used to recite each of the 10 Hail Marys in a different language. I too have enjoyed reciting each decade in a different language. During journeys I limit myself to just one Hail Mary after meditating on each mystery and its meaning for me today.

One day, while reciting the rosary, I imagined a different set of sorrowful mysteries. Bro. John Paul FSP and I have created these alternate sorrowful mysteries to pray the rosary. These mysteries are framed dialectically.  Let Mary accompany us in this prayer as she once did with Jesus.
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Become a Pocket Filmmaker
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Novena to Don Bosco
A sort of pamphlet for reflection / display / discussion for each day of the novena in preparation for the feast of Don Bosco.  Ideal for display on notice boards
During this Year of Mercy we are invited to be ``Merciful life the Father.`` Jesus Christ is the face of the Father`s Mercy. Mercy and compassion are not just doing things and counting them. It is an attitude that needs to be developed until we have the mind of Christ.

In developmental psychology we know that ``negative commands reinforce the opposite.`` Stanley Keleman, after many years of research, has developed an approach to therapy in which doing more of what is undesired with awareness, and then doing less, could help us to come out of that state. We could apply that principle to change our mentalities. I am making the following proposals as means to bring about change and help us to grow in Mercy and Compassion.
The Mercy of God in the Life and Apostolate of Don Bosco
Don Bosco considered God as the God of Mercy and constantly encouraged people, especially sinners, to have recourse to the mercy of God.
Don Bosco: Father and Friend of Youth
This is an audio CD, a collection of 7 songs from the musical on Don Bosco ``Love conquers all`` and a few other songs of Salesian themes. The songs are all compositions of Fr. Barnes Mawrie sdb and the vocal rendition is by the Choral Evangelists.
You may order the CD from Sacred Heart Theological College, Mawlai Shillong 793008, Meghalaya
Price Rs. 100/-
DB200 RESOURCE: Tugboats: A Bicentenary Mag - Vol 1, No. 8
A set of animation notes and articles in the context of Bi-Centenary of Birth of Don Bosco: prepared by Bro.Michael Manu, Karunapuram.
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Tugboats: A Bicentenary Initiative; No. 7 (February 2015)
Tugboats: A Bicentenary Initiative no. 7 speaks of the challenges facing Salesian India and discusses some of the possible means of meaningfully responding to those challenges.
Courtesy: Cl. Manu Michael sdb (Don Bosco Philosophate, Karunapuram)
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Resources on Don Bosco during this Bi-centenary year. Prepared by bro. Michael manu
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Diagnostic Criteria for what Pope Francis` calls ``Existential Schizophrenia``
We are in the Year of Consecrated Life. What Pope Francis told the Vatican Curia could apply to us Religious too. This year of ``Consecrated Life`` is a unique opportunity to seek a cure for ourselves. If we join the remnant, the minority that take the words of Jesus seriously and without deviating, we could still be cured of this ``Existential Schizophrenia,`` and we would be also helping the future religious to prevent it altogether. Here attached is a list of criteria for diagnosing ``Existential Schizophrenia``, presented by Fr. John Tharakan SDB.
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Tugboats: A Bicentenary Initiative; No. 6 (January 2015)
This issue of the Tugboats is dedicated to a few of the individual Salesians who have, through their life and deeds, shown us who and what Don Bosco would have been and done in his own life time.
Courtesy: Cl. Manu Michael, Don Bosco Philosophate, Karunapuram
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My Personal Plan of Life 2015
Since the 25th General Chapter, we are recommended to have a personal plan of life. I am proposing an outline that has been tried out with the students of philosophy and with other young and not so young confreres. The method of the 27th General Chapter is also integrated. The Plan would make a lot of sense during this year of Consecration Life declared by Pope Francis and the bicentenary year of our beloved father Don Bosco.
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DB200 RESOURCE: Tugboats: A Bicentenary Mag - Vol 1, No. 5
DB200 RESOURCE: Tugboats: A Bicentenary Mag - Vol 1, No. 5

The fifth issue of TUGBOATS, e-mag for the DB Bicentenary from Bro. Manu Michael, Karunapuram, has been published. Download it from here.
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DB200 RESOURCE: Tugboats: A Bicentenary Mag - Vol 1, No. 4
DB200 RESOURCE: Tugboats: A Bicentenary Mag - Vol 1, No. 4

The fourth issue of TUGBOATS, e-mag for the DB Bicentenary from Bro. Manu Michael, Karunapuram, has been published. Download it from here.
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of the Strenna 2015, prepared by Fr. Gilbert Choondal.


1. Meaning  and origin
2. Strenna 2015
3. Basic Terms
4. Don Bosco`s Charism
5. Salesian Charism
6. With the Young,
7. For the Young
8. Bicentenary of the Birthday of DB
9.  Some Questions for Discussion
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