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Nava Jeevan Bala Bhavan (NJBB) Vijayawada reaches out to the needy in Vijayawada
Hyderabad, Apr. 3. Don Bosco Navajeevan Bala Bhavan (NJBB), Vijayawada, 1 April 2020: The whole country is in lockdown; number of daily migrant labourers stuck in the city with no work; the homeless face problems to survive and run pillar to post to have at least a single meal a day. They eagerly wait for someone to help them to earn their bread, trying hard to cope life itself and fill their bellies. These unfortunate labourers and their families need temporary assistance to survive to get along and to face the disastrous Corona Virus. Seldom do they find spontaneous offers of help from generous people to be on their side. Read full text
Distribution of Rice, Dal, Oil and Sanitizers to Migrant Families

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