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"Go and bear fruit. The fruitfulness of the prophecy"
By ANS-Rome
Mumbai, Nov. 29. (ANS-Rome)- "Go forward with courage and without fear! The one who never makes a mistake never does anything!`` This is the message with which Pope Francis last Friday 25 November greeted  about 140 religious, representatives of many congregations, gathered in Rome for the 88th General Assembly of the Union of Superiors General (USG). His address was the final act of the Assembly which had taken place over the previous two days at the Salesianum in Rome, on the theme "Go and bear fruit. The fruitfulness of the prophecy." Read full text »

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December 13, 2016

I simply love it... Pope Francis asking religious to be engaged in pastoral activities of the diocese... often religious have tendency to stay sanitized... rather snobbishly... and diocesans to keep off the religious from pastoral activities of the diocese... let the best people in the diocese be available and be offered to head the ministries...

PORUTHUR Joseph India Chennai
December 05, 2016

While trying to cope up with the prophetic value of truth even in the face of scandals within a province, I found the report of Michael Antony Perry very practical, and seemingly setting a trend for religious leaders at the congregation level to handle their money mongers. He is convinced that "financial oversight can no longer be entrusted only to those who have the primary duty of squeezing the pennies, namely, the Treasurers of religious congregations. This applies equally to the General and his Definitory or Council, to the Provincial/Custos and his Council, and to the superiors of local fraternities/communities. All must work together to promote the common good and strong financial transparency both as ‘good business’ and also as prophetic witness". For him, the leadership is about bringing together the mystics and the managers, as reported in the conclusion among other observations. A profitable reading for you and a nightmare for money-worshipers. Visit


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