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National Consultation on Strategic Planning concludes
By Joaquim Fernandes sdb
Mumbai, Jul. 3. The macro and micro analysis of the external and internal environments of India and South Asia and the global ramifications were discussed.   The group now began introspecting within the Salesian organisation and especially the Salesian identity to see how to be relevant to the changing times with the current challenges and opportunities.       Read full text

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PORUTHUR Joseph India Chennai
July 08, 2016 - Is this a `Salesian` or a `Hindu` Don Bosco Group of Institutions? When some make fortune out of the name DON BOSCO, only a true Salesian gives the best to the least, in a Salesian Way. Be it either a religious or a secular person. It`s true! Saint John Bosco gifted the world his name DON BOSCO, but much more with his own children (followers) spirited with the fire of love and divine compassion in the field of education.

I hope that the secular world takes HIS Spirit which empowers the education system and not just HIS NAME as some of the Don Bosco institutions stand today in our country. Note: automatically redirects to

ADUKANIL Matthew India
July 06, 2016

I am beginning to wonder about the Salesian identity of some of our emerging new schools. I also wonder how they will carry out the Salesian mission effectively because the Salesian presence in them is minimal with even the principal being a lay person. Of course, no Salesian teachers are found in them. At most there will be a Salesian rector and an administrator who oversee a huge educational complex. if I am misinformed I will be happy to stand corrected.

KANAGA Maria Arokiam Italy Sessa Aurunca
July 04, 2016

Congrats to all those actively organized this wonderful meeting and set in motion the whole process of Evaluation of SPCSA and the Strategic Plan of our mission. Thanks to all, and good work of continuation


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