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IT`S VALDOCCO IN NEPAL - A Salesian response to the earthquake`s aftermath
By Jude Sebastian SDB
Kolkata, May. 11. .  KATHMANDU :    In the face of the enormous human tragedy that resulted from the 7.8 earthquake that flattened much of Nepal on 25 April, the sons and daughters of Don Bosco rose valiantly to the occasion, keeping alive his legacy of compassionate response to the afflicted, a` la Turin`s cholera epidemic of 1854, translating their characteristic pastoral charity into speedy and wide-ranging humanitarian assistance.
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Top: devastated school building; Middle: The Salesian Family relief work Team in planning and assessment session; Bottom Left: NDBS relief truck ready to go to Gorkha; Bottom right: young people sitting on the ruins of their flattened school.

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JD@DBSite India Bangalore
May 12, 2015

Thanks to one and all involved in this noble effort to alleviated the misery of the victims and to help them in rehabilitating and restoring their lives after this unfortunate calamity , god bless the victims and the volunteers :-)

THARAKAN John India Hyderabad
May 11, 2015

Thanks for the detailed news.Information is power. I am sure the your efforts will bear fruit abundantly. I am glad you are taking into consideration the effects of Trauma. Congrats for the prompt and generous response. TD John


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