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Getting off the block for the academic year 2014 - 2015
By Job Puthenpurayil
Hyderabad, May. 1. Wondering what sadistic pleasure we  derived  by bringing students almost the day after the final examinations of the academic year 2013- 14 to prepare for the Academic Year 2014-15? Wondering if we are in competition with corporate schools which have redefined education, vacation and many other traditional vocabulary associated with schools and students?

No, we are not in competition. We are travelling on A Road NOW Less Travelled, a Road, the contours of which is still visible despite the grass that has over grown it. The April 25th to 29th Summer Camp for Human Rights Club Office Bearers got off the block the day after the schools closed for holidays so that when the schools reopen they are ready to shoulder their responsibilities as Human Rights Club leaders!  85 students (girls and boys from government schools) participated in the programme.   Read full text
A collage of the different activities of the Human Rights Club Summer Camp at Ekalavya Training Centre / PARA

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THARAKAN John India Mumbai
May 03, 2014

Child rights being taught in a child friendly atmosphere - great! Participation is one of the basic rights which could make other rights real. I understand that camp was a paradigm of participation. I do wish the spirit of the summer camp gets carried to the functioning of schools during the year. I also wish that there are children also from Don Bosco schools participating in Right Rights Camps. Congrats Fr. Pallithanam!


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