Reserved Area
By Fr. Tarcisius T & Fr. Policarp Xalxo
Dimapur, Jan. 1. Looking back to year 2010 with moistening eye and looking forward to year 2011 with bright ray of unleashing possibilities, the participants of 11th National Boscoree, took out one of the most colourful and message filled Peace Rally through the byways and lanes of Dimapur beckoning everyone to peace and harmony. The Boscoreeans from more than 75 schools with 2500 participants dressed in their traditional attire, from east and west and south and north of India, with placards of peace, beating traditional drums and singing their melodies rallied for a treasure ``PEACE`` which everyone wishes and cherishes. The rally was a sight to be marvelled at and a memory to be savoured each moment. The Peace Rally escorted by Dimapur Police, marched through the town of Dimapur, the commercial hub of Nagland, bringing home the message that peace is what we need in the 365 days ahead.   Read full text

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