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The European Audiovisual Observatory publishes major new study on Media Literacy
Posted by Joaquim Fernandes

Mumbai,Apr. 27. Strasbourg. Media literacy - our capacity to access, have a critical understanding of and interact with the media - has never been as important as today. It seems that every day, ...

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Sudikshit Roy Barma India Delhi , April 28, 2017
A comprehensive study, well done

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Paul Vadakumpadan, Shillong says,

Shillong, Feb. 28. The Confusion called Conversion was the title of an interesting book that appeared thirty years ago ( Sunder Raj, New Delhi: TRACI, 1985).

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necktop777 India Gurgaon , December 29, 2016
I read this book two decades ago. I know TRACY HOUSE which published this book. I now need a PDF urgently. this is a book every indian must read. No other book is so well researched and so blunt and honest. CAN SOMEONE HELP ME GET A PDF PLEASE? MY whatsapp is 9310561777 and email is

THARAKAN John India Hyderabad , March 07, 2015
Interesting article. After decades of fighting for the right to convert, now we are fighting against the right to reconvert. If we can look at the biblical meaning of 'conversion', we could also look at the biblical meaning of following Christ. If only our bishops could stay right there! We fight for the right to convert. I am still to hear about the right to live our faith. I am toying with the idea of writing an article on "Evangelisation 73/27". The idea is borrowed from communication which is 73% non-verbal and only 27% verbal. Applying to evangelisation, it would be 73% proclamation by our life and only 27% proclamation by our preaching, campaigns, etc. God save the Church! (TD John)

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