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Boscoree 2018 embraces Harmony through Adventure
By BIS Media Network
Mumbai, Jan. 1. The 13th National Boscoree 2018 in progress at the Don Bosco Campsite in Nashik, Maharashtra welcomed the first day of the New Year 2019 at the crack of dawn with BP's Six. Having waited up till midnight to bid goodbye to 2018 with prayer, song and dance, the tired yet enthused scouts and guides were up and ready for yet another gruelling day of fun, adventure and harmony.
Guides at the 13th National Boscoree 2018 enjoying the Adventure Games
View actual size
The mandatory morning scout practices of Scout's Own, inspection of the campsite and the tent cleanliness, and the Flag Break was done with the usual discipline. Wrapping up the early morning deeds, the scouts and guides were all keen and eager to get to the 'adventure games' zone specially erected for a day-long adventure thrill. The general theme of the first day of the New Year was 'harmony'. Each of the scouts and guides participated in the 20-game adventure setup, earning points and winning laurels for their efforts.

Mr. Zahid Qureshi the only Indian to be certified as official bungee Jump Master from the Bungee Consultant International, Canada (BCI) and a professionally certified mountain climbing expert apart from being the youngest jump master in India, designed and set up the 'adventure games zone'. The scouts and guides thoroughly enjoyed the games designed. Tarzan swing, vertical rope ladder, swing crossing, horizontal ladder, log balancing, plank walk, sloth walk, bamboo wall net climbing, monkey crawl, commando bridge and tyre jumping ensured that the young guns had an exciting adventure of fun, frolic and grit.

Father Glenford Lowe, Programme Coordinator 13th National Boscoree said, ''this adventure sports at the 13th National Boscoree 2018 is designed to evaluate and build up resilience, common sense, kindness and an independence of mind among the young scouts and guides. The question what really makes the difference when it comes to making a success of your life, resulted in us deciding to do something about one thing: character. Grit, resilience, determination through outdoor activities frees the mind and liberates the spirit. Moreover it helps develop camaraderie of sorts, allowing the young to live harmonious lives.''

The evening, after a tiring day of adventure, thrill and harmonious competition to outdo each other in succeeding at the games, was dedicated to a reflective and introspective session on 'harmony'. The scouts and guides traced their palms on a piece of paper after which they asked five others from other patrols/schools to trace their palms over theirs. This added a colourful touch to the activity.
Yet, the day is not done. Eagerly awaiting the colourful array of dazzling cultural displays, the scouts and guides are all excited to witness the harmony in diversity of Indian cultural attire through song and dance.

Qureshi, the adventure enthusiast and expert -trainer quipped, ''character training is nothing new. It is exactly what Robert Baden-Powell wanted scouting to be. For him, it was of more value than any other attribute in life, and that can happen very well with these theme adventure and extreme sports zones.''


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