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Syria – The young people of the Don Bosco Oratory again hit by war
13/4/2015 14:46:1

Peru – Fr Α.F. Artime: "We will leave a little bit of our hearts here"
13/4/2015 14:51:18

Vatican – "Jesus Christ is the Face of the Father’s Mercy"
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Italy – Forming the heart of the Son in those whom the Spirit has called
13/4/2015 14:57:1

Bolivia – "Goodbye Bolivia! I carry you with me in my heart! "
13/4/2015 15:24:51

Bolivia – "Goodbye Bolivia! I carry you with me in my heart!"
13/4/2015 15:58:4

RMG – Salesians in Formation meet to study Communication and the Family
14/4/2015 13:49:46

Democratic Republic of Congo – Don Bosco Uvira damaged by floods
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Italy – Fr Cereda in Sondrio, in tribute to Don Viganς
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Spain – Cardinal Rodrνguez Maradiaga, SDB, at the Consecrated Life Week
14/4/2015 13:55:44

Peru – "If there is a place where we can meet as a Salesian Family, it must be a place where simplicity reigns."
14/4/2015 15:1:35

RMG – Salesians in Formation meet to study Communication and the Family
14/4/2015 15:2:35

Peru – "If there is a place where we can meet as a Salesian Family, it must be a place where simplicity reigns."
14/4/2015 15:8:34

RMG – Salesians in Formation meet to study Communication and the Family
14/4/2015 21:46:3

Zambia – International Solidarity between children of the United States and children of Zambia
15/4/2015 14:32:39

France – Ten years of SYM, ten years of joy
15/4/2015 14:35:31

Peru – Mass of the Rector Major with the Salesian Family
15/4/2015 14:38:41

RMG – The Spread of Good Books in the Bicentenary Year
15/4/2015 14:40:1

RMG – "From the house of Mary to our homes"
16/4/2015 14:49:37

Ireland – Camino Bosco 2015
16/4/2015 14:56:31

RMG – “I became a missionary to obey the will of God for me”
16/4/2015 14:58:40

China – The Bosco Youth Service Network
16/4/2015 14:59:19

United States – Returned SLMs Reflect on their experience in South Sudan
16/4/2015 15:0:26

Italy – Everything Ready for the Exposition of the Shroud
17/4/2015 12:42:11

Peru – "We keep the young people in our heart". Fr Α.F. Artime to the Salesian students
17/4/2015 12:45:8

Italy – A weekend of Salesian events
17/4/2015 13:2:33

Spain – Terrorism, a new world threat for nine million children in slavery
17/4/2015 13:30:42

Spain – Terrorism, a new world threat for nine million children in slavery
17/4/2015 13:42:28

Spain – Terrorism, a new world threat for nine million children in slavery
17/4/2015 13:42:38

Ecuador – Start of the Rector Major’s visit: "Continue to dream as did Don Bosco did"
17/4/2015 14:47:34

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International Salesian Bulletin Editors` Meet
By Yerramaneni Baly
Hyderabad, May. 18. The long awaited meeting of the Salesian Bulletin Editors hit the right note on 17th May 2012 at 9.00 am. There are 49 participants from all over the world (33 Salesian Priests, 3 Coadjutor Brothers, 6 Lay Men and 7 Lay women). A significant number of lay people who assist with or produce the Salesian Bulletin issues are also part of the proceedings. Two Indian Salesians - Fr Yerramaneni Baly and Fr Ashok Kujur - representing the Telugu and Hindi editions, are also part of the meet. This meet is to review the Salesian Bulletin`s importance and impact in the world.
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The mood of the meet clearly rekindles the original idea of Don Bosco, that the Salesian Bulletin is in effect `a window on the Salesian world and a Salesian window on the world`. It continues to make felt the presence of Don Bosco in being there, staying with and accompanying the young through the spread of good literature. The introductory session was animated by Filiberto Gonzalez, General Councillor for Social Communication. He stressed that the Salesian Bulletin is an instrument of the entire Salesian Congregation (not of the editor alone or even of a single Province/country), its job is to present the authentic face of Don Bosco and the Salesian Family to the world, and the world to the Salesian Family through a Salesian prism — to give a Salesian slant to events and issues of concern to Church and society.

On the first day, the Rector Major Rev. Fr Pascual Chavez celebrated the Eucharist for all the participants at noon and wished everyone an enriching experience from this four day assemblage. ``The Salesian Bulletin``, he said ``according to our Father`s (Don Bosco`s) way of thinking, must be very effective instrument of the propaganda, which he so much and so often wanted, to carry out the gospel precept: Videant opera vestra bona (Let Your Light Shine).``

In the post lunch session Fr Bruno Ferrero the Director of Bollettino Salesiano (in Italian) and the chief organizer of Editors Meet, made his point clear, that it is the task of the Editor to link everyone who believes that he or she is a part of the Salesian world. He reiterated the oft said dictum that the Bulletin editor represents Don Bosco himself to the magazine`s readers. The editor has to have a keen awareness of the present situation of the Church, of the modern world (issues like globalization, communication, education), of modern society (multi-ethnic, multi-religious, multicultural) and contextual issues. Speaking on the image of Bulletin, the responsibility of is to be a ``calling card`` of the congregation and this involves its content, style and graphics. It is about presenting a dynamically alive congregation, of which marketing is a part. In the evening, Bro. Jesus Armando Garcia Rodriguez dealt with digital journalism and the challenges, opportunities it offered for the Salesian Bulletin. Although traditional media is still significant in fact the trend toward digital information is irreversible, so it should not rule out the possibility that one day the Bulletin would exist only in its digital format.

The previous such meet was held in 2009, when there were two meetings, one at the European level, held in Munich on May 10-13, the second in Rome the following week. 50 editions of the Salesian Bulletin in the world, despite the geographic, cultural and historic differences, constitute a single instrument of presentation and dissemination of the Salesian mission and charism. This meeting brings together almost all the Directors of the various Salesian Bulletins from across the world. The programme of renovation of the Salesian Bulletin launched in 2009, in view of the continuing evolution of world of communication would be discussed in the coming days.


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