The letter of the Councilor for Missions to sick and elderly Salesians

Mumbai, 2019 Nov 13 (ANS - Rome) - On the day of commemorating the departure of the first Salesian Missionary Expedition, on November 11th, in the year of the 150th Expedition, the General Councilor for the Missions, Fr Guillermo Basanes, sent, as per tradition, a letter to the elderly and sick Salesians.  Read More »
Joaquim Fernandes

Rector Major to INS Province: ''Continue to be Beacon of Hope for the Youth''
Shillong, 2019 Oct 31 Father Angel Fernandez Artime, the Rector Major of the Congregation, spent the last day of his maiden visit to the Shillong Province (INS) by visiting the Novitiate community, the Salesian Sisters and the tomb of Servant of God Stephan Ferrando, SDB.  Read More »
Michael Makri

Northeast Youth welcomes the 10th Successor of Don Bosco
Shillong, 2019 Oct 30 Shillong 30 October: The youths of Shillong on Tuesday welcomed the Major Superior of the Salesians of Don Bosco congregation, Father Angel Artime Fernandez Sdb at St Anthony's Higher Secondary School in Shillong even as they proudly flaunt their diverse cultures through songs and dances.  Read More »
Michael Makri

'Be Gentle like Don Bosco'says the Rector Major
Shillong, 2019 Oct 30 Shillong 29 October: The Rector Major, accompanied by a number of Salesians arrived at Sacred Heart Theological College at 6:30 am. The Community members of SHTC welcomed him with a song and bouquet of flowers.  Read More »
Michael Makri

''Be Transparent, be Matured and be ready to be Accompanied'' says the Rector Major
Shillong, 2019 Oct 29 All the Salesians of the Province gathered at 10:30 am in Karotemprel Hall to listen to and interacted with the Rector Major.  Read More »
Michael Makri

10th Successor of Don Bosco arrived in Shillong
Shillong, 2019 Oct 29 Shillong 28 October: Father Angel Artime Fernandez, the Rector Major arrived in Shillong City, the cradle of Salesian mission in the North East India this evening. He was welcomed at the Guwahati Airport by Father Michael Makri, sdb.  Read More »
Michael Makri

Bosco Milan 2019
New Delhi, 2019 Oct 29 The premises of Don Bosco, Kuarmunda came alive with the celebration of Bosco Milan 2019 from 9th to 12th October 2019 based on the theme 'Good Christians and Upright Citizens'.  Read More »
Thoombalan Babu Varghese

'' Love the Young and the Poor'' says Rector Major to the Salesian Family Members
Shillong, 2019 Oct 28 Agartala, 27 October 2019: The Rector Major of the Salesians Fr Angel Fernandez Artime SDB addressed the members of the Salesian Family of Tripura at Don Bosco Agartala on the evening of 27 th October, the first day of his visit to the Province of Shillong. He also interacted with them and said he felt totally at home in their company.  Read More »
Michael Makri

''Ensure Poor are the beneficiaries of our services,'' Rector Major tells Salesians
Shillong, 2019 Oct 28 Shillong: The Rector Major of the Salesians Father Angel Fernandez Artime SDB has underscored the need to ensure that poor are the beneficiaries of the services the Salesians render.'' The 10th successor of Don Bosco, currently on a visit to the province of Shillong was speaking to fellow confreres serving in Tripura and Silchar regions.  Read More »
Michael Makri

Rector Major pays homage to Don Bosco at Agartala Tri-Junction
Shillong, 2019 Oct 28 Agartala, The Rector Major of the Salesians, Fr Angel Fernandez Artime SDB paid homage to the statue of Don Bosco that adorns one of the tri-junctions in the capital city of Agartala on 27th October, 2019.  Read More »
Michael Makri

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